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London Irish
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19 Apr 2014Waratahs19 - 12
19 - 12
19 Apr 2014Sharks19 - 8
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140418 Richard Harris

f-words, part 3: “Fuddling about”

The third (and last) in the short series of articles about rugby’s f-words: Fixtures, Fags and Fuddling About. On the topic of “fuddling”, and of Richard Harris’ fuddling in particular.

140417 rugby-cigarettes-1920s

f-words, part 2: “Fags”

Second in a short series of articles about rugby’s f-words: Fixtures, Fags and Fuddling About. As I noted in yesterday’s article on fixture freedoms, in British and Australasian slang “fags” are cigarettes.

140416 phoenix

f-words, part 1: “Fixtures”

First in a short series of articles themed around f-words: Fixtures, Fags and Fuddling About. We begin with the freedom of fixtures.


Draws For The Welsh

In a separate post, I recalled the drawn encounters between Wales and their lovely neighbours from England. I would like to square the circle by … Continued

140409 bottomsup

Beer, Bars and Beginnings

Would it surprise you to know that most rugby club formations had occurred in a pub, restaurant or perhaps an oyster bar? No of course it wouldn’t.


The Power of Song

My dad, an avid Springbok and Sharks supporter, also sang in a choir, or so I thought for many years. Every Friday night he would eat a tin of sardines in oil, then head off to what he and his mates called Choir Practice. Every Friday night, he would stumble back, still singing.

140405 after the game

Life after Rugby

Professional rugby players learn many skills relevant to success after the game, but continuing formal education is essential. Off the couch, boys! And back to school.