Draws For The Welsh

In a separate post, I recalled the drawn encounters between Wales and their lovely neighbours from England. I would like to square the circle by listing the thirteen other draws that Wales have been involved in during the life of the Six Nations and its predecessors, the Five Nations, and the Home International Championship.

11th March 2006: Wales 18 Italy 18

Both teams scored two tries, one of which was converted. Stephen Jones provided thirteen of Wales’s points.
17th February 2001: Scotland 28 Wales 28

Scotland outscored Wales by three tries to one, but Neil Jenkins rescued the visitors by kicking 23 points!
16th February 1991: Wales 21 Ireland 21

Ireland recorded 4 tries but Wales still snatched a point, thanks to 2 penalties and 2 conversions from Thorburn.
16th February 1974: Wales 16 France 16

JJ Williams and Lux scored the only tries, while Gareth Edwards and Jean-Pierre Romeu kicked a drop goal each.
2nd February 1974: Ireland 9 Wales 9

The lethal JJ Williams recorded the match’s only try. Phil Bennett converted it and added a second-half penalty.
22nd March 1969: France 8 Wales 8

Phil Bennett made his debut as Wales surrendered an 8-0 interval lead. This draw ruined their grand slam hopes.
21st March 1964: Wales 11 France 11

Keith Bradshaw kicked two penalties and a conversion as Wales fought back from an 11-3 interval deficit.
17th November 1962: Ireland 3 Wales 3

A penalty from debutant Grahame Hodgson earned Wales a draw, while English kicked a drop goal for the Irish!
10th March 1951: Wales 3 Ireland 3

A penalty from the debutant Ben Edwards prevented Ireland from obtaining their second-ever grand slam.
9th March 1929: Ireland 5 Wales 5

Dai Parker converted a Frank Williams second-half try to ensure a point each, after Ireland led at the interval. 
4th February 1922: Scotland 9 Wales 9

Swansea’s Billy Bowen scored Wales’s only try, which was converted by Samuel, while Evans kicked a drop goal.
1st March 1890: Ireland 1 goal Wales 1 goal

On St David’s Day, Billy Bancroft converted a Thomas try to ensure a share of the spoils.
10th January 1885: Scotland 0 Wales 0

Approximately two thousand people braved Hamilton Crescent in Glasgow for this no-score draw.

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