1940 Revisited?

On the tenth of May 1940 the nasty Nazis invaded the Netherlands. Obviously someone with a mischievous sense of humour thought that it would be a good idea to arrange a rugby union encounter between the Dutch and their neighbours from Germany on that same date of infamy. True enough, the Deutschlanders ventured over the Dutch frontier and again conquered the Netherlands. However, happily this time there was no widespread destruction or loss of life. Instead the Germans won by seventeen points to seven and chose not to occupy the Netherlands but to retreat back to their native land.

Also, while I am in the vicinity, I must congratulate an Ulster second XV for surprisingly defeating Munster in their own backyard. This monster of a result provided the men from the north with a rare league double over the men from the south. Maybe if both teams can successfully negotiate their away fixtures in the semi-finals of the Pro12, they will lock horns for a third time in the domestic season’s finale.

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