Fourteen Memorable Scottish Triumphs

The Scots have spectacularly failed to win a single Calcutta Cup match in London since 1983. Let us familiarise ourselves with the occasions when the tartan warriors made a successful rugby incursion south of Hadrian’s Wall. All the contests underneath took place at Twickenham, unless otherwise stated. Those of an England rugby disposition, look away now!
5th of March 1983: England 12 Scotland 22
This match was deadlocked at 9-9 at the halfway stage. However, the Scots scored the only two tries, courtesy of Roy Laidlaw and debutant big Tom Smith.
20th of March 1971: England 15 Scotland 16
England led 9-5 at the interval, but two second-half tries for the Scots tilted the balance in their favour. Peter Brown recorded a try and two conversions.
19th of March 1938: England 16 Scotland 21
The margin seems slender, but the visitors outscored the hosts by five unconverted tries to one! Two of the tries came from the debutant William Renwick.
20th of March 1926: England 9 Scotland 17
Both teams shared six tries, but the difference was that Scotland kicked two conversions and a drop goal. Ian Smith grabbed a brace of tries for the Scots.
20th of March 1909: England 8 Scotland 18; at Richmond
The tartan troops outscored John Bull by four tries to two and by three conversions to one. The English had led eight points to three at the halfway stage.
16th of March 1907: England 3 Scotland 8; at Blackheath
Darkie Peters recorded a try for the home team, but it was in vain. Scotland’s try-scoring heroes were Alec Purves and Ernest Simson.
18th of March 1905: England 0 Scotland 8; at Richmond
Ernest Simson and Robert Stronach scored the tries, while Bill Scott added a conversion. The English had nothing to offer in response.
21st of March 1903: England 6 Scotland 10; at Richmond
Jack Dallas achieved a try on his Scotland debut. Ernest Simson also scored a try. England weighed in with 2 tries, but a Timms drop goal was the difference.
9th of March 1901: England 3 Scotland 18; at Blackheath
The Scots stormed into an impregnable 15-0 interval lead, assisted by three tries. Both teams added a try in the second half. This was a rout by Scotland.
11th of March 1899: England 0 Scotland 5; at Blackheath
John Gillespie was the match-winner on his debut, as he recorded the only try, which was duly converted by William Thomson.
9th of March 1895: England 3 Scotland 6; at Richmond
George Neilson was the tartan hero as he scored a try and kicked a penalty [each worth three points]. England’s Fred Byrne also kicked a penalty.
4th of March 1893: England 0 Scotland 8; at Headingley, Leeds
John Boswell and George Campbell slotted over a four-point drop goal in each half to secure a convincing triumph for the Scottish rugby invaders.
7th of March 1891: England 3 Scotland 9; at Richmond
The visitors outscored the hosts by two tries to one, two conversions to one, and one drop goal to nil. Paul Clauss was the drop goal hero.
4th of March 1882: England 0 goals Scotland 0 goals; at Whalley Range, Manchester
Bob Ainslie scored the match’s two tries. Neither was converted, so neither constituted a ‘goal’. However, Scotland ‘won’ on tries scored.

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