England’s Five Nations Whitewashes

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In the modern era, we have all grown accustomed to English success at the Five Nations and Six Nations tournaments. However, there have been two notable occasions when John Bull failed to deliver a single point at the Five Nations and five times when England failed to record a solitary point in their three Home Nations skirmishes. Remarkably, each time that England were whitewashed, they lost first of all to Wales. Here is a reminder of those painful years!
1899 Home Nations
7th of January: Wales 26 England 3
4th of February: Ireland 6 England 0
11th of March: England 0 Scotland 5
One try from Tot Robinson was all that England had to show from their three outings. Even then, his team were demolished by Wales who recorded six tries in their triumph.
1901 Home Nations
5th of January: Wales 13 England 0
9th of February: Ireland 10 England 6
9th of March: England 3 Scotland 18
Two further tries from Tot Robinson failed to stop England finishing again with ‘nul points’. They ran Ireland close, but were well beaten in the other two contests.
1903 Home Nations
10th of January: Wales 21 England 5
14th of February: Ireland 6 England 0
21st of March: England 6 Scotland 10
Tries from Denys Dobson in the first and last matches were scant consolation, as England maintained their bizarre sequence of one whitewash every other year.
1905 Home Nations
14th of January: Wales 25 England 0
11th of February: Ireland 17 England 3
18th of March: England 0 Scotland 8
The Calcutta Cup match was effectively a wooden spoon ‘play-off’. In the event, hapless England had no answer to tries from Simson and Stronach for Scotland.
1907 Home Nations
12th of January: Wales 22 England 0
9th of February: Ireland 17 England 9
16th of March: England 3 Scotland 8
England conceded six tries yet again against Wales, four tries against the Irish, and two against the Scots. At least this was to be their last whitewash for 65 years!
1972 Five Nations
15th of January: England 3 Wales 12
12th of February: England 12 Ireland 16
26th of February: France 37 England 12
18th of March: Scotland 23 England 9
This tournament remained incomplete, but the ‘final table’ does not disguise England’s obvious humiliation. They were a distant second in three of their four fixtures.
1976 Five Nations
17th of January: England 9 Wales 21
21st of February: Scotland 22 England 12
6th of March: England 12 Ireland 13
20th of March: France 30 England 9
England were comprehensively dismantled in all matches, with the exception of a close contest with Ireland. England have however never been whitewashed since 1976.

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