France’s Seven Whitewashes

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France hold the distinction of being the last team in the current Six Nations to be whitewashed. One has to trawl back as far as 1957 to find a year when les Bleus failed to muster a single point. In total, the French have only suffered the ultimate Five Nations humiliation seven times, with only one taking place since the 1930s. In mitigation, France’s first six whitewashes were incurred when the nation’s rugby team were very much still on a learning curve. Here is a brief reminder of those woeful years, mes amis. Ooh la la.
Wales 49 FRANCE 14
Scotland 27 FRANCE 0
FRANCE 3 England 11
FRANCE 3 Ireland 8
France, newcomers to the extended Five Nations, conceded nine tries against Wales and seven against Scotland. Their home matches were less one-sided.
FRANCE 6 Ireland 11
Scotland 31 FRANCE 3
Wales 14 FRANCE 8
FRANCE 8 England 18
Although they were annihilated by Scotland, the French were more competitive in the other three contests, but still they had to sup from the wooden spoon.
FRANCE 3 Scotland 21
England 20 FRANCE 0
FRANCE 8 Wales 11
Ireland 24 FRANCE 0
A second successive whitewash was ‘achieved’, not helped by two away performances where the French ‘failed to trouble the scorer’.
FRANCE 3 Ireland 9
Scotland 25 FRANCE 4
Wales 11 FRANCE 5
FRANCE 11 England 13
Yet again the Scots put France to the sword. Elsewhere les Francais could consider themselves unlucky to lose three much closer contests.
FRANCE 6 Scotland 20
Ireland 11 FRANCE 0
England 11 FRANCE 0
FRANCE 5 Wales 7
Three awful results took France to the brink of a second successive whitewash. They nearly got out of jail against Wales, but in the end it was ‘nul points’.
FRANCE 0 Ireland 6
Scotland 6 FRANCE 3
Wales 8 FRANCE 3
FRANCE 6 England 16
The French averaged a measly four points per match which was a little too lightweight. They were then evicted from the tournament from 1932 to 1946.
FRANCE 0 Scotland 6
Ireland 11 FRANCE 6
England 9 FRANCE 5
FRANCE 13 Wales 19
France had the consolation of contributing to the highest-scoring match of the competition when they lost to Wales. They have avoided whitewashes ever since 1957!

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