The Excitement Builds for Rugby World Cup 2015

When the Rugby World Cup 2015 comes to England and Wales in September, fans will get to enjoy the fervor of head-to-head competition between the participating teams. The national pride involved in events like the Fifa World Cup tends to propel the level of play for each team member to new heights. This is the kind of atmosphere that can produce upsets, and the quality of the competition throughout the event guarantees some incredibly exciting games. Of course, when all is said and done, one team, representing one country, will come out on top as the winner of World Cup 2015. Here’s a look at some of the teams that figure to feature well in this year’s contest.

New Zealand

Even though they were recently upset by South Africa, it’s hard to keep New Zealand out of the top spot. The team functions at such a high level because the members have an almost uncanny awareness of each other as they go about their business. Even with one of their star players being injured and ruled out of competing at the 2015 world cup the talent level is still pretty high. Each team the All Blacks face will give them all the game they’ve got, but it’s hard to go against the class of this field.


A solid England team likely won’t have an especially easy time getting out of Pool A. If they do get out of the grouping that contains Fiji, Wales and Australia, they might actually have a smoother road to the finals, and the home turf advantage surely won’t hinder their chances either.

South Africa

They do have the upset of New Zealand to hang their hats on, and that should have them coming out of the gates with their confidence at an all-time high. With Victor Matfield coming out of retirement, and one of the best young fly-halfs in the business, Handre Pollard, The Terminators should be contenders well into World Cup 2015.


The ageless Paul O’Connell is still as strong as they come, and the very motivated Johnny Sexton should get on well with the team’s exciting young backs. Though they wouldn’t mind being on the Emerald Isle, competing on English soil should also give them just that bit more motivation. Look for them in the semi-finals, and maybe beyond.


Like all the teams in this field, Scotland has plenty of potential, but potential doesn’t win the World Cup. They would have to have a lot of things go their way to make it past the quarter-finals.


Even with their inconsistent play, Australia shouldn’t be overlooked to compete well into the 2015 World Cup. Israel Folau is one dangerous back right now. The teams that face this bunch had better be on their toes for the whole game.


Argentina was coming on strong some years back, but they remain in a state of flux at present. They could possibly catch fire and make it to the quarter-finals, but, like Scotland, they will likely need some breaks of the lucky variety to get past that stage.

Whatever the outcome, the 2015 World Cup promises to be a spectacle for the ages as it plays out up and down the length of England, and Cardiff in Wales. There’s nothing quite like the energy and excitement generated by such a brutally beautiful sport.

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