The Rugby World Cup Training Squad Expands





The ranks of Wales’ World Cup training squad have expanded recently with new members. One of them being the captain of the U20 squad who has made the world championship training team. This could mean a new step in the development of the Rugby World Cup squad, but there may not be anyone behind Rory Thornton on the depth chart. The effects of this move could change the face of the squad now and in the future.


#1: How Does Someone From The U20 Squad Make The Training Squad?


Thornton has made the training squad based purely on merit. He is one of the most talented players in the land, and putting him on the world championship training squad makes him the face of the future. He will not likely play in the upcoming world championship, but he will be a star in the following Cups. The team itself needs someone on the inside who can become a star while having experience. Many rugby squads around the world get just once chance to succeed with their best player. Thornton could be the best player on the world championship squad two or three times.


#2: Has The Country Improved Its Rugby Depth?


Rugby is one of many fine choices for young athletes. Football, cricket and rugby all have special places in the hearts of the fans of the national teams. The cricket and football world championships are just as important, and young men cannot play more than one sport. A young boy must choose the sport he is going to focus on, and some boys choose to focus on Rugby.


Thornton has chosen to focus on Rugby, but he is a wholly unique talent. The talent in the country may use him as inspiration, but Thornton’s promotion is a unique event. Most boys who serve as captain of the U20 team stay on junior teams until they are old enough to join the senior team.


#3: Can He Make A Difference?


The upcoming World Cup will not be decided by Rory Thornton. He is a good player, but he is not yet prepared to play in the world championship for an extended period of time. He will not likely make the full roster, but he will train with people who will teach him to become the player he was meant to be.


Thornton will spend time with the men he may one day lead into battle. The older players on the squad will respect him for the time he has spent on the training squad, and future World Cup teams will be more cohesive. You may not think that one player can bring a team together, but someone who has been with the team since a young age can be the veteran who brings a world championship home in the future.


#4: Will It Happen Again?


It is unlikely that another captain of the U20 team will make the training squad. A unique talent like Thornton doesn’t come around all the time, and seeing him ascend to the highest heights of the rugby world is more than enough satisfaction for the citizens and fans.


The Rugby World Cup is an important event every four years, but that event may become more important when Thornton comes up to the senior team. Thornton will work wonders as the captain of the U20 team, but he must spend this time with the senior team if he wants to be leader that is needed for the next decade or more.



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