Fiji Prepares For Challenging Pacific Nations Cup Play

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Rugby attracts numerous fans in the beautiful island nation of Fiji and around the globe. The sport enjoys particular popularity in the South Pacific, a region of comparatively small nations which boasts some of the most competitive rugby teams in the world.


In less than a week, fans will welcome the start of the highly anticipated Pacific Nations Cup tournament. The six nation competition extends from July 18th through August 13th and spans thousands of miles. This year, Fiji’s team prepares for an especially challenging series of games.


Fiji Prepares


This year’s Pacific Cup play proves especially pivotal for Fiji’s prospects. The Flying Fijians face “very challenging games” in the tournament, according to Coach John McKee. He hopes to use the upcoming series of matches to afford all players more time in the game in advance of the grueling 2015 Rugby World Cup series beginning in September.


Participants in the Pacific Nations Cup tournament include Samoa, currently ranked as the 9th most successful rugby team in the world. Figi holds the 11th ranking, followed by Tonga (in 12th position), Japan (in 13th), the United States (in 16th) and Canada (in 18th). As a nation with a highly rated team, Fiji hopes to fare well in both the PNC tournament and rugby’s penultimate international contest.


Free bookie bets and free bets often speculate about Rugby tournament victories in countries where sports betting occurs legally. Yet this year, picking a winner accurately may prove more of a gamble than sports analysts prefer. Rugby matches promise to furnish some very exciting sports contests during the remainder of the 2015 season.


A Demanding Game Schedule


The Flying Fijians this year hope to maintain upward mobility in Rugby’s international rankings. Despite its relatively sparse population, (in global terms), Fiji has in the past produced many brilliant rugby stars. Larger wealthier nations sometimes raid Fiji’s talent pool.


This year, many Fijians hunger for a victory in the PNC tournament. The Flying Fijians play their first 2015 PNC tournament match against arch rival Tonga at a home game in ANZ Stadium in Suva this Saturday. Then the team will fly to Sacramento to compete against Samoa before heading to Toronto for a match with Japan. They’ll participate in at least one more game prior to the end of the tournament on August 13th.


Coach McKee hopes that the experiences players gain participating in this rigorous series of athletic events will help his team during the upcoming World Cup tournament. In England this autumn, Fiji will play in Pool A against rugby teams from the much larger nations of England, Australia, Wales and Uruguay.


Overcoming Challenges


What will free bookie bets and free bets predict in terms of the outcome of these rugby events? A suspenseful series of games appears possible. The fortunes of Fiji during the pending PNC Tournament might have been easier to prognosticate prior to two devastating team injuries.


Although still listed in the PNC team roster, Captain Akapusi Qera will likely play infrequently, if at all, in the game this Saturday, as a result of a badly bruised knee. Peceli Yato will likely replace him in the much anticipated contest with Tonga.


Additionally, the Flying Fijians wing player, Nemani Nadolo, reportedly has returned to New Zealand temporarily in order to recover from a torn muscle. He hopes to return in time to compete in rugby World Cup matches.




Fans anticipate an exciting series of games during the month-long Pacific Nations Cup play. The tournament will offer the Fijian team an opportunity to refine game strategies in advance of the 2015 World Cup.



This article was written by Tony Samboras who is a sports writer with a passion for rugby. His sports writing interests have made him a full time writer. He writes for many websites including bookie sites that have free bet offers.

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