Namibia: A Spirited Rugby Team Worth Watching

rugby Namibia

In the world of professional rugby, only two African teams qualified to participate in the upcoming 2015 Rugby World Cup: South Africa and Namibia. They will join teams from many other nations in England between September 18th and November 1st, battling for the opportunity to emerge victorious among elite international rugby teams.


In Europe, bookmaker free bets remain a popular sports betting activity. The smart money suggests people placing free bets online won’t overlook Namibia’s potential to excel. Indeed, this year in particular, Namibia’s standing in international rugby team rankings may well continue to rise.


Impressive Advances in International Rankings


Namibia in southwestern Africa admittedly has already overcome significant obstacles to attain its world rugby ranking among the top 25 international teams. Its performance in rugby has proven impressive already.


First, due to population numbers, Namibia does not draw from as large a potential player base as many other highly competitive teams. In 2011, for instance, Namibia maintained a population of slightly over 2.3 million people. That may not strike many observers as small in size, but just consider that many larger competitors possess populations in the hundreds of millions. Chile, Hong Kong and South Korea, all ranked below Namibia in international rugby standings, boast population sizes ranging from slightly over 7 million to more than 48 million people. On this scale, Namibia’s national rugby team has already performed remarkably well.


Second, unlike some nations, Namibia does not enjoy a long history of rugby participation. Namibians only began playing the game during the First World War, when an invasion force from neighboring South Africa introduced rugby to Namibia. For their rugby team to have already reached professional international stature less than a century later gives Namibians cause for justifiable pride.


Third, Namibia’s management team demonstrated a savvy approach in preparing the team for its participation in this year’s 2015 World Cup. On July 18th, the Namibian team will engage in the second of a two-match series of friendship games with Russia at Windhoek. Russia rates above Namibia in international rankings, so the friendship games offer the Namibian team a welcome opportunity to hone their skills at an internationally competitive level. Namibia Coach Dave Vermeulen said recently that before his players depart for England to play in rugby’s World Cup this year: “We will be playing nine matches…” He indicated that he believed these games would offer his team the best preparation for the international event.


An Exciting Team to Watch During Rugby’s 2015 World Cup


Namibia in June established a 50-man training squad in anticipation of the 2015 World Cup event. From this elite group, 31 players will compete for Namibia in the series of World Cup matches in England this autumn. Bookmaker free bets may dispute who will win Rugby’s ultimate Cup this year, but very likely the southwestern African nation of Namibia will demonstrate considerable talent. Namibia’s spirited rugby team delights fans by displaying dedication and high spirits on the rugby field.


South Africa’s rugby team during the 2015 World Cup will compete in Pool B against Samoa, the USA, Scotland and Japan. Namibia faces a challenging lineup also in pool C. The team will oppose New Zealand, Argentina, Tonga and Georgia. These two competitors represent Africa’s chance to gain prestige in rugby during the upcoming 2015 World Cup series. No doubt in places where sports betting is legal, free bets online will testify to the enthusiasm of fans about these teams.


Will Namibia rise in rugby rankings as a result of its 2015 World Cup play? Possibly. One thing seems certain: Namibia’s competitive spirit will delight audiences.

This article was written by Tony Samboras who is a big fan of rugby. Being a professional writer he gets to combine his interests with his work. To see more of his work check out freebookmakersbetsandbonuses.com.au online.

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