Burgess Flees Rugby Union

Without wishing to ever scoff at my native land of England, I cannot help but take a swipe at Sam Burgess. How cynical does it look to handsome young cynics like myself when young Samuel abandons rugby league shortly before a Rugby World Cup tournament in England, and then when he discovers that the England rugby union team are not quite as cosmic as the media and assorted experts had been spinning for many months, Mr B gets out of his bubble Bath and emigrates to Australia for a reunion with the code of rugby league.

So Sammy isn’t going to be the great hope and superstar that the England rugby union contingent had been hoping for. Oh I am sure that the media luvvies will soon unearth a new saviour. Heaven help the geezer who has the hopes and dreams of Blighty thrust upon his big shoulders. It’s enough to make anyone beat a retreat to the southern hemisphere.

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