Fiji Women’s Rugby Seven Under New Coach Chris Cracknell


Fiji’s Women’s Rugby development is set to grow tremendously after new coach Chris Cracknell was signed up to head the Women’s 7s team. Rugby is a huge sport in Fiji, however, it’s men’s rugby that is all the rage in Fiji, just like most parts of the world.

Despite the fact that the men’s team is on the cusp of making history, Fiji Women’s Rugby is the team that’s making bigger strides when it comes to improvement and development.

Infact; several months ago, the Fijiana team that was picked to represent Fiji during the Rio 2016 Olympic games was shaky. Now however, there is enough reason to hope and anticipate that the team will be among the top six teams.

Punters are willing to use up their best free bets offer backing up the Fijians for a position in the top six, given their improvement the team has undergone in the past six months.

Gauging Point

The upcoming four rounds of the Women’s World Series will be followed keenly as it will be used to gauge their performance on the field.

Head coach Chris Cracknell says that the last six months saw the team dedicate their performance to qualifying for the 2016 Olympic games.

The coach said that he dedicated his time to develop young talent in Fiji and create a team that would leave a mark in the World Series tournaments.

The director’s passion for the team he is coaching has resurrected faith in supporters. Punters are now backing the team as they are now awarded best free bet offers.

Having taken over as head coach six months ago, Chris Cracknell is highly impressed with some of the youngsters that were playing for the under 18 team.

So thrilled by their performance that he has picked a few and mixed them with seasoned players in the senior team to create his 2016 striking team. Adding to a plethora of players, are women from various sports willing to join the rugby world.

Cracknell’s Vision

Chris Cracknell didn’t hesitate to point out that he is in a lucky position where girls with an experienced sporting background wish to switch sports and play rugby.

With a number of not less than 24 girls, Cracknell envisions an expanded academy that will train the young girls who will eventually form the national squad.

Having said that, Chris is well aware that before all that is possible, there are boxes that need to be ticked first!

The coach’s immediate future is focused on unearthing the girls coming to his squad via the U18 team. Afterwards, he is training his eyes on a successful trip to Sao Paolo, building on the World Series and performing magnificently at the Olympics.

The bigger picture is the success in the different tournaments, and everything will start falling into place, says Chris Cracknell. Given his attitude and perspective into the Fijian Women’s Rugby, punters believe that the team will make history in the coming future.

Given his sentiments and what is already happening on the field, bookmakers have many betters using their best free bets offers in support of the Fijian Women’s Rugby team.

Fiji Rugby Union Women’s Development Officer


Chris Cracknell says his efforts of creating a bright future for Fijian Women are being championed by Fiji Rugby Union Women’s Development Officer Vela Naucukidii.

Vela applauds the decision to add a Women’s program in the High-Performance Unit which is an indication that now talent can be nurtured, and the community in Fiji is backing the idea.  

Vela suggests that Chris Cracknell’s efforts to develop and further women rugby in Fiji are bearing fruit.

Punters from other continents are also beginning to realize there is potential in Fiji, and all will be reading their best free bet offers if the team does well in the upcoming tournaments!

We will be keeping a close eye on Women’s Rugby team to see how they fair in the upcoming tournaments in 2016!



Tony Samboras is a Sports Journalist with a passion in rugby. Having played the sport since the age of six years, John likes researching and posting about rugby related news. Read more of his columns and insights at freebets.com.au

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