English Rugby’s staggering improvement


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It is amazing what a difference six months make. English Rugby during that time has gone from a bust to a boom. It is staggering that transformation undertaken in such a short period. Professional sports predictors use a spreadsheet like this one to determine trends in teams performances and it was evident that English rugby at the local and international level was in a downward spiral. All the predictions were wrong, and things have never looked so bright. It will be interesting to see if English Rugby can continue to make improvements over the next few years.


The English National side has won the Grand Slam. Three clubs from the Premiership are in the European Champions Cup semi-finals. The last time that happened was back in 2007 and has only happened twice in the history of the sport. Most matched betting calculators have the chances of it been an all-English final as an odds-on favorite bet.


The English Rugby National Team have improved considerably under the new head coach Eddie Jones. He was able to do a clean sweep in trophies which were the first time in 13 years. Lancaster whom he replaced was unable to do this feat during his four years in charge. When you compare matched betting spreadsheets of the two managers, Jones comes out on top every time. He has brought a new lease of life to the players, and great things are expected from the team he has created.


Jones is an outspoken Australian who knows first hand at what it takes to be a winner. He demands respect from his players and has managed to create a team bond which shows in the way the team play. Lancaster was a lot less aggressive and had a more laid-back approach to managing a team. Jones has significantly improved the team’s work rate, aggression, and togetherness. He has already delivered on his promises he made when taking on the role.


Under England’s previous manager Lancaster, things were not always bad. The biggest problem with the team was their inconsistency and not performing when it mattered most. It is hoped that the national team reached rock bottom during in that period, and now they are going through an upward projection.


England has a dearth of talented young players coming through the rankings. Jones has seen that potential and is managing to get the most out of the players at his disposal.


With English clubs leading the way in the Champions and Challenge Cup, it has resulted in other nations complaining about the amount of money that they receive. Both the English along with French League attract a great deal amount more in tv rights and sponsorship deals. They can use this additional purchasing power to buy the best players. Money doesn’t buy instant success, though, and a great deal has happened behind the scenes to make these clubs great once again.

If English Rugby can stay on track, these are exciting times to be a fan. At present in Wales and Ireland, the game is suffering. The England National team will be under added pressure and will be the matched betting calculator favorites for most games they play. At the moment it looks like Rugby in England is emerging from the darkness into the light. 

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