Rugby Sports Betting Scam | All Blacks Bug Detected


Normally in world rugby scandals are related to bad player behavior or maybe the occasional PED story. This time around it is about bugs discovered in the All Blacks camp, which has led to a lot of speculation at Sports bookmakers who put them there.


The bugging case is now in the hands of the NSW police who are carrying out a full investigation into the listening devices found. The bug was discovered at the Inter Continental Hotel hidden in the team’s meeting room in a chair. As well as the NSW police investigating, the World Rugby is also conducting its own office investigation of the incident.


If you search online sports bookmakers gossip sites you will find many theories on the bugging incident. The main one that is circulating the rounds is that it was placed in the hotel by a betting syndicate. Gaining classified information on team formations, tactics and lineups can be a huge advantage for large betting syndicates.


The World’s Rugby Organization are extremely harsh on anyone found to be fixing matches. They play close attention to games in which they believe spot fixing has taken place where part of the match is manipulated to create a result for the people betting on the outcome.


The All Blacks officials did not report to the police the discovery of the listening device straight away. It was reported to them on Saturday after the free bets favorite the All Blacks thrashed the Wallabies 42 – 9 which happened five days before the bug was found. It was discovered by the team’s security in a routine sweep.


So far there has been no news provided by the NSW Police on who they think placed the bug at the hotel.


Many fans still think that the bug was planted by the Australian team to try to gain an advantage in the game that was played after the device was found. The Australian Rugby Associates vigorously deny this and feel offended that anyone would suspect them of carrying out such an action.


So far The All Blacks have not accused the Aussie team of planting the bug. They have gone as far to say that they suspect that it was the work of a betting syndicate as it is the most logical answer.


Since the bug was found, there has been very little information provided by the World Rugby and NSW Police who are investigating it. Until they come forward with further information rumors will carry on circulating as to who the culprit it.

Due to the discovery of the listening bug, other teams have up their security to make sure the same thing does not happen to them. Scandals happen in every sport each year and it will not be too long before this blows over and we are onto the next. Even with the other team knowing the lineup and tactics of the All Blacks, it would still be almost impossible to beat them because they are that good.

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