We are continuously updating our database with new results, as well as deepening and broadening our historical data. It is a never-ending task.

If you spot something which you are in a position to update or correct, we would be grateful for your input.

And we don’t just mean grateful in the sense of “thank you and good-bye”. No, if you help improve the data, we’ll be happy to include you in Rugbydata’s Community Cashback programme, along with members who contribute blog articles or other community content.

We already have a fairly powerful admin interface through which data can be uploaded, but that tool is a little heavy-duty for anyone without a computer science degree. We will install a more flexible way of gathering data just as soon as we have the time. For the moment, though, updates and corrections can be sent to:


Your mail will be read and responded to by a real person. So please be a little patient if you don’t get an answer immediately.

We are not planning to sell, or otherwise exercise ownership of the data you contribute. We use open-source tools (because they’re free and because they’re good) and we are committed to openness where our own material is concerned.

Anything which we publish may be reused without restriction, so long as Rugbydata is referenced as the source. Please let us know when you use our material in this way and we will see if we can point other interested parties in your direction.

Of course, while we make every effort to ensure that our database is complete, correct and up to date, we cannot warrant its accuracy. So we recommend that you do not base speculative, gambling, purchase or other decisions which may affect you in a financial or other material way solely on our data. There are going to be errors in our data. We are striving continuously to correct them, but they will always be there.

And finally, we do know that “data” is a plural, but we are still using it (mostly) as a singular. Nostra culpa. Our bad. Sorry.