Have you heard the one about the Scotsman and the Kiwi who went into a pub?

You have now, because that’s how Rugbydata came about.

We are Craig and Dave and we are, in a manner of speaking, “just back from the pub”.

We’re a proudly Scottish start-up based in Edinburgh, but with a foot in the southern hemisphere. We met through work at ex-Skyscanner (one of Scotland’s most successful start-ups). We’re aiming to enjoy ourselves and put bread on the table by combining our passion for rugby and fascination with big data.

We are refugees from corporate life, determined to do things differently this time. That begins with openness, so you are going to hear how the Rugbydata project is faring, through our own Rugbydata Blog. And once a year our members — participants in the Rugbydata Community Cashback programme — will see precisely how much or how little advertising revenue we have generated.

We’re self-financed for the moment, having already given up our day jobs.  So there isn’t much cash to throw around. Our initial aim is to generate enough revenue to keep at least one of us from starving. OK, it’s not quite that bad. What it comes down to is that we need to be able to pay one minimum wage to survive the first twelve months.

Wish us luck. Join in. Help another rugby type eat a square meal. You won’t regret it.