Finally: finals time!

The Northern hemisphere recently witnessed an amazing display of what finals rugby is all about, with Toulon taking both the Heineken Cup and the Top … Continued

140425 vomit


Left boot, right boot. One more visit to the toilet. Group vomiting. Superstitions aren’t bad if they let you play at your best.

140405 after the game

Life after Rugby

Professional rugby players learn many skills relevant to success after the game, but continuing formal education is essential. Off the couch, boys! And back to school.

140328 keep calm

Keep calm: it’s game day!

I’m sitting in the changing room five minutes before kick off. Heart pounding, hands shaking. I’m not nervous, only excited. Keeping calm on game day.

140308 brain-injury-causes-anger

Concussion: The Unknown

Darkness, light, darkness, eyes jittering. Questions: “what’s the score?”; “who are we playing against?” I’ve just woken up from a deep sleep.

140331 Scrum_ASM_Clermont-Saracens

Give the scrum its hit back

Rugby players are getting bigger, stronger and faster. And with training regimes not getting any easier, this trend is likely to continue. In parallel, law changes … Continued