The idea behind Rugbydata’s Community Cashback programme is very simple: we share with you the value which you help to create.

We are developing a community of rugby people around the Rugbydata stats, and we hope you’ll contribute both to the discussion and to the improvement of the data. You might do that for no greater reward than the satisfaction of having your opinion heard or making sure that your team’s stats are complete, but we go further than that. We share our advertising revenue with you.

More specifically, and you can hold us to this, once a year (beginning in January 2015) we are going to distribute to the members of the Community Cashback programme a percentage of the advertising revenue which we have collected as well as any donations which have been made to the bloggers.

Of course many people use Rugbydata without ever adding to the content themselves, settling arguments in the pub which we never hear about. That’s a large part of what Rugbydata is about, but we can’t share revenue with someone we don’t know, even if you do all your on-line shopping through the advertising on the Rugbydata site.

You can contribute anonymously to Rugbydata but if you choose to sign-up as a member you will share in the value you help to create. And, of course, we promise never to pass on your contact details to third parties, unless you clearly tell us that you want that to happen.